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From the brilliant series “Where Children Sleep” by James Mollison.

Top to bottom: China, New York, Senegal, Tokyo

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Polaroid’s New Instant Camera Is Gorgeous.

While instant cameras aren’t as popular as they were back in the day (mostly due to insanely priced film), they’re still just as cool. Pictured above is the&nb3p;Polaroid Z2300. This little 10MP beast spits out 2” x 3” photos using inkles Zink technology which involves a lot of sciency stuff, so I’ll just copy/paste part of this Gizmodo article which explains it all.

Instead of using ink for printing, Zink photos use smudge-proof, water-resistant paper that contains tiny transparent crystals. When heated up, these crystals turn into cyan, magenta and yellow-colored dots that give you a paper photo in just one minute. It kind of feels like the old Polaroids, but on landscape format andscape format and without all the shaking.

The camera is $160, while a 20-sheet pack of Premium Zink paper goes for $15 and the 50-sheet pack goes for $25. You can also print stickers.

And best of all, all the pictures are stored on an on-board SD card and can be edited before printing. This thing even does video! Man, and to think, oldschool Poaroid instant cameras were the size of toasters and couldn’t even do all the crazy stuff this thing can!

Fuck me.



Need.  Want.  Love.

I had an old polaroid. the memories.

well I know what I’m saving up for

Here’s a video

wow, this means photos as a physical media might make a comeback, that’s awesome news! This is great, I love the sticker idea :D

Ooor you could just get an actual polaroid camera, which is 1) cheaper! and 2) prettier! and 3) provides better quality! and 4) you have more options! and 5) doesn’t look like every other digital camera ever! and 5)impress your friends and be the coolest person around!

Here are some myths to dispel:

1) You can’t buy film for instant cameras. Wrong. While Polaroid discontinued all of their film in 2008, people at the factory in the Netherlands decided they didn’t like that very much and created The Impossible Project. The Impossible Project is named that way because they had to recreate Polaroid’s old formula (that took 45 years to make, by the way, with their integral [aka spit out] film) with all the machines. They started this project in 2010, and are already making film that has gorgeous color. The only downsides are the price; it can be about 21 US Dollars for a pack of 8 shots - and also the sensitivity of the film. If not hidden under an arm or out of sight instantly, the image may never appear. The film is still in beta though, but if they can go from nothing to beautiful color in only 2 years, stable color film is not that far behind.

Have you ever heard of Fujifilm? Did you know they already make a brand new instant film camera with film? Say hello to the Fuji Instax Wide 210, priced here at the Film Photography Project Store for only 80 bucks. 80 bucks?! It’s already beating out the Polaroid digital camera! And best yet, the film that goes with it can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Urban Outfitters, etc. and it only costs 25 dollars for a pack of stellar, stable color photos. WOW! It’s just like the old days! And for an added bonus, you can get the Instax Mini, which is all the above, but smaller.Trust me, bring this baby to a party and you’re gonna be hot shit~.

2) You need to shake a Polaroid picture. Nope! Not at all. In fact, shaking a Polaroid picture can actually damage the quality of the image, because it disrupts development. This was act5ally from back in the Pack Camera days (which are also still around, and if you find a functioning one (like all of them from the FPP in the link above), Fujifilm makes film for them too!). The “Pack Camera” was the instant camera before the iconic SX-70 days, and the film is known as “peel-apart” because unlike integral film, the film needed to be pulled out and peeled after a designated developing time. This film sometimes left gunky residue from the chemicals used to process the instant film and photographers would shake the film to dry them off. It has nothing to do with developing, and because integral film is contained, you don’t need to shake it.

Photo by: Michael Raso

3) It’s more expensive!! In my time, I have found that film is infinitely cheaper. If you go the Polaroid pack film route, I would personally recommend anything off of the Film Photography Project Store. The ones I am most personally familiar with (meaning, I have handled these cameras and have used them exclusively in the past) is the Polaroid 210 Automatic Land Camera  which from the FPP (which by the way, battery checks all of their cameras and makes sure they are in perfect working order for you to enjoy) are 50 US Dollars, and the Polaroid 420 Automatic Land Camera which is about 70 US Dollars. Add on top of that the 11 dollars for film, and you’re starting off with less than 100 dollars spent. Not only that, but film is cheap, and you can buy more of it.

If you want to go even cheaper, root through your closet, and try to find ANY old polaroid camera. Many folks have them lying around, forgotten and unused. And if they aren’t using them (like your parents or grandma; seriously, as them!), you may have yourself a FREE CAMERA!! And that means you are only spending so much money (what, 21 US Dollars) to buy Impossible Project Film! How simple is that? And suddenly you can head outside and be the hipster you always knew you were.

Take the camera to a party, snap a few shots, wait a few minutes, and you will SEE THE DIFFERENCE on how people react. People LOVE INSTANT FILM, and the LOVE knowing that it’s still available. There is something truly magical about having any kind of tactile object in front of them, and photos are no different.

Have any questions? I encourage ANYONE interested in any kind of instant photography (and any kind of film, which is also still available for a plethora of cameras) to visit the Film Photography Project Website. Hosted by Michael Raso (who loves polaroid by the way), the Film Photography Project has news on film, news on Polaroid and instant film, they have a bi-weekly podcast that talks about all things film (and is very humorous and entertaining I might add), they have YouTube videos on how to work old polaroid cameras and film, they are open to emails with any questions you might have- you can even ask them for free film to get yourself started. These folks are passionate about film and they have made a lot of other people passionate about film, including myself. So if you really want instant photography at your finger tips, then look no further. I honestly have nothing against Polaroid Instant digital cameras, but this person above made it sound like you can’t get any film for instant cameras ANYWHERE (which is a shame, because outside of the US, it still IS everywhere!).

Sorry I ranted there, but I spend a lot of extra time with the FPP (my boyfriend is actually a co-host) and after spending so much time with them, I know soo much about the joys of film photography, and the absolute magic of instant photography. The world of film is alive and well, if not a little underground these days. There really is something ~Amazing~ to be said about it. So go out and get your Polaroid Pack Camera, today! :D

Photo by: Mat Marrash

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Polk Street | by Stykkisholmur


Polk Street | by Stykkisholmur

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very strong image here… 

very strong image here… 

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one day…. one day…

one day…. one day…

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Triptychs of Strangers, The Analog Lover - London by Adde


Triptychs of Strangers, The Analog Lover - London by Adde

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Incredible woven photography by Seung Hoon Park.

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